Five Little Pigs (Hercule Poirot, #24) - Agatha Christie
"'So to you Elsa Greer spoke in the words of Juliet?'
'Yes. She was a spoiled child of fortune - young, lovely, rich. She found her mate and claimed him - no young Romeo, a married, middle-aged painter. Elsa Greer had no code to restrain her, she had the code of modernity. "Take what you want - we shall only live once!'


'Curiosity?' (...)
'Ah, you realize that?'
Poirot said:
'It is inevitable. Women will always see a private detective! Men will tell him to go to the devil.'
'Some women might tell him to go to the devil too.'
'After they have seen him - not before.'

Miss Williams killing anybody at all! Another fantastic picture: 'Did you ever kill anybody, Miss Williams?' 'Go on with your arithmetic, Carla, and don't ask silly questions. To kill anybody is very wicked.'"