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'Dead Reckoning' Charlaine Harris

Dead Reckoning  - Charlaine Harris

"(...) I mean, how many enemies can I have?”
I heard Amelia take a long breath. “Don’t answer that,” I said hastily.


For a long, long moment I just sat naked in a heap on the packed dirt and panted, trying to catch up with myself. I hadn't moved that fast, that long, since . . . since the last time I’d been running from someone who wanted to kill me.
I thought, I've got to change my way of life.


He wanted to get paid, so he wanted to deliver me. To whom? Dammit, he wasn't thinking about that. My heart sank, though I would have sworn it was already down to my toes. My bare toes. I was glad I’d painted my toenails recently. Irrelevant!


I held as still as a mouse, tried to breathe shallowly and silently. I thought how bad Bill would feel if they killed me right next to him. Irrelevant!


“I feel very old.”
“You are very old-fashioned.” He was ancient-fashioned.


So my to-do list was like: Today, complete all preparations for the baby shower. Tonight, kill Victor. Tomorrow, guests arrive for shower.


“(...) what shall we do with the body?”
Maybe I should install a crematorium in my backyard.


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