'From Dead to Worse' Charlaine Harris

From Dead to Worse  - Charlaine Harris

With my boobs, the slut factor kicks in if I’m not careful.


He gave me a huge tip, and I glanced down to see that in my hurry to get downstairs I’d skipped a button. I was showing a little extra cleavage. I was momentarily embarrassed, but it wasn't a slutty button, just a “Hey, I've got boobs” button. So I let it be.


I looked over the inside of the white car quickly but didn't see an envelope marked “Revelation of who hired me, in case I get caught.”


If you find yourself considering who to take for a lover because of his ability to defend you, you’re getting pretty close to selecting a mate because you think he has desirable traits to pass along to future generations.


“Oh, no, not a date,” I said, sounding unconvincing even to myself. “No guy-girl action going on. Just, you know, hanging out.” Kissing. Getting shot.


When I’d stormed out, I hadn't been thinking about what would happen next. It’s the ruin of a good exit when you have to go back and look in the phone book for a cab company.


After all, if someone came through the door of Merlotte’s trying to shoot me down, Sam at least deserved to know why his bar was full of holes.


He can change into anything. He prefers the form of a dog, because dogs are familiar and friendly and people don’t shoot at them too often.


The days Eric had stayed with me—well, the nights—we’d done a lot of talking and a lot of sexing. And it had been wonderful. The companionship. The sex. The laughing. The sex. The conversations. The . . . well.


I suspected his outlook was, “I’ll take your eye ahead of time, just in case you want mine.”


"(...) Vampires and fairies don’t interact, because of the vampire tendency to eat fairies.”


The king wore a cape—no kidding, a real full-length black cape. I’ll tell you how impressive he was; I didn't even think of giggling.


“And then heads are going to roll.” Eric was good at setting heads to rolling. It was one of his favorite things.


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