'All Together Dead' Charlaine Harris

All Together Dead  - Charlaine Harris

Andre scared me down to my polished pink toenails.


That was just like Jason: come in an hour to a ceremony planned at the last minute for the worst possible reason, and don’t be late! At least he hadn't asked me to bring a cake.


“Listen,” Selah said. “Let me be frank.”
Oh, boy. In my experience, that meant, “Let me be openly mean.”


With that unchristian dig, I spun on my heel and walked out of the bar, thankful I’d already gotten my purse from Sam’s office. Nothing’s worse than having to stop in the middle of a righteous walkout.


And then he was gone.
“Well,” I said out loud, unhappy with the quiver in my voice. “As exits go, that was a good one.” It was pretty hard to have the last word with a vampire.


Diantha didn't believe in breathing while she talked. Now she said, “Goodtoseeya.”


“I had some disagreements with business associates here, and it seemed a good time to…”
“Get the heck out of the city?” I supplied helpfully.
“Run like hell?” Diantha suggested.
“Take the money and vanish?” Mr. Cataliades said.
“All of the above,” said Johan Glassport with the faintest trace of a smile.


Rasul popped up at my elbow. He smiled when I jumped. Those vamps. Gotta love their sense of humor.


When someone tells a vampire to be quiet, you can be sure the silence is absolute. Vampires don’t have to fidget, sigh, sneeze, cough, or blow their nose like people do. I felt noisy just breathing.


Okay, standing in a roomful of vampires and interrupting their ritual was a pretty good way to get bloodstains all over my beautiful new dress.


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