'Definitely Dead' Charlaine Harris

Definitely Dead  - Charlaine Harris

His own hand was warm and hard. He could crack my bones with it.
The average woman would not be pondering how fast her date could kill her.


The kind of thing I was scared of wasn't going to be intimidated by a light. I'd just be able to see it better before it ate me.


"This woman has been mine, and she will be mine," he said, in tones so definite I thought about checking my rear end for a brand.


Since he was a man with a powerful protective urge, he stepped ahead of me, in front of me.
So of course, we were attacked from behind.


He liked me, too; right at the moment, he liked me a whole bunch. He wanted to like me right up against the wall.


Was this the second body I'd found in a closet, or the third? I wondered why I even opened closet doors any more.


I really like cats. So did Bubba, but not in the same way.


"Well, at least the rain's over with," I said. At that moment, it began to rain again.


"Do you like what you see?" he asked.
"Oh, boy," I said. "You look better than a Happy Meal to a three-year-old."


He rubbed his huge head against me, almost knocking me down, and he purred. He sounded like a happy Geiger counter.


I clutched my little evening bag closer to me, wishing there was something more lethal in it than a few small items like a compact and a lipstick, and a tampon.


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