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'Club Dead' Charlaine Harris

Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris

Merlotte's, the bar where I work as a waitress when I'm not doing Heap Big Secret Stuff for the vampires.


"I'm not going to torture you. For one thing, I would hate to ruin that beautiful skin; one day, I will see all of it."
I just hoped it was still on my body when that happened.


I opened the door and looked up. And looked up some more.
He was huge.


He and Eric were both big men and the room really seemed crowded all of a sudden. Maybe their egos were using up all the oxygen.


Driving through the streets of a city with a body in your vehicle is a terrifying exercise in paranoia.


I felt a flash of chagrin when I realized I was sweating all over my dress. But possibly the big bloody hole had already ruined the dress anyway, huh?


"I don't like having feelings." Eric said coldly, and he left. That was a tough exit line to top.


We beamed at each other, just two nice women. I had to fight an impulse to say, "There's a tortured vampire in my trunk," out of sheer giddiness.


The phone, as it turned out, was just listed under Russell Edgington's name; not "Mansion of Doom," or "Vampires R Us."


I thought of several things to say, discarded the first few, which would have blistered my grandmother's ears, and drew a deep breath.


"(...) They found the corpse in the closet of Alcide's apartment, and they hatched a plan to hide his remains." Eric sounded like that had been kind of cute of us.


The living room looked real good. I wasn't sure how long the vampire cleaning crew had been at work the night before, but there were no body parts visible.


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