'Living Dead in Dallas' Charlaine Harris

Living Dead in Dallas  - Charlaine Harris

All Lafayette's stories were told with the names changed to protect the innocent. Well, actually, the guilty.


"You, on the other hand, are a sweet little éclair on the outside and a pit bull on the inside."


I'd rather know now. "Okay, who's there?" I called. "If you're going to eat me, let's just get it over with."


"What kind of doctor are you?" I asked, though it took some time for me to collect myself enough.
"The healing kind," she said in a surprisingly deep voice. "You have been poisoned."
"So that's why I keeping thinking I'm gonna die," I muttered.
"You will, quite soon," she said.
"Thanks a lot, Doc.


I realized I'd been rented, like a chainsaw or backhoe. I wondered if the vampires of Dallas had had to put down a deposit against damage.


If there's anything worse than having a vampire stare at you, it's having two vampires stare at you.


People fidget. They are compelled to look engaged in an activity, or purposeful. Vampires can just occupy space without feeling obliged to justify it. As we came out of the elevator, Isabel looked exactly like a statue. You could have hung your hat on her, though you'd have been sorry.


I looked up at him—and up, and up—and wished him at the bottom of the Red River, spectacular smile, golden hair, and all.


Barry was not on duty anymore, and his replacement was too well trained to ask me what the hell I was doing going around looking like something a train had dragged in.


"Hey, you owe me a sweater and a bra. Two bras. Gabe tore one, so that was a work-related clothes injury. And you tore one last night, plus my sweater."
"That's why I bought a women's clothing store," he said smoothly. "So I could rip if the spirit moves me."


"Sookie, my little bullet-sucker," he said, sounding fond and warm.
"Eric, my big bullshitter."


"I'm sure she's lovely once you get to know her. Of course, the fact that she cut my back to bloody ribbons may have something to do with my prejudice against her. I'll try to be more open-minded."


Eric drove with great zest and élan—and the recklessness of someone extremely hard to kill.


He trotted over to the steps, and I noticed the effect was interesting from behind. After a minute, he trotted back - wow, this view was even more arresting (...)


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