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'Dead to the World' Charlaine Harris

Dead to the World  - Charlaine Harris

(...) you have to tell your best friends when you've broken up with your guy, even if you have to leave out all the interesting details. (Like the fact that you'd killed the woman he left you for. Which I couldn't help. Really.)

I'd told Bill one time that the smart thing for aliens to do (when they invaded Earth) would be to arrive in the guise of lop-eared bunnies.

Oh, God, puppy dog eyes. From a six-foot-five ancient Viking vampire.

Poor Jason, he deserved a silly vixen of a sister who bore nieces and nephews who called him Uncle Jase and held on to his legs. Instead, he got me.

If it came to a choice between upholding vamp interests and being my buddy... well, I guessed we were just going to have to cancel our sleepover, and here I'd been planning on French-braiding her hair.

You thought a man named Shirley was funny only until you were face-to-face with the real deal, at which point you decided it would really be better to keep your amusement to yourself.

Abruptly, I wished I had Bill at my back. I wasn't missing his tender love, either. It's probably a bad indicator of your lifestyle when you miss your ex-boyfriend because he's absolutely lethal.

"I got rights. I don't have to talk to you."
Sure, that was Amendment 29 to the Constitution: Shifters don't have to talk to Sookie Stackhouse.

First, I counted brains. Not literally ("One temporal lobe, two temporal lobes . . ." ) (...)

My kitchen looked like I'd been dismembering pigs, pigs that'd put up a good fight.


Data pierwszego wydania: 2004
Seria: Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire)
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